Welcome to the Home Thundercats Rugby

Even though the Thundercats are mainly a ‘home’ team originating from Abbey Rugby Club, our legendary scouting networks are global.

Since 2004 we’ve tolerated Australians, Spaniards, Valley Bois and Townies, South Asians, Americans, West Country Simpletons, Zimbos, Scots, Irish, Tory Arabs and Dave from Essex. All have earnt their legendary Thundercaps. This makes us a truly unique invitational side.

When asked about creating a high-performance unit of multinational players, the former now current Wales coach Warren Gatland said…

“We’ve come a long way

But we’re not too sure where we’ve been

We’ve had success, we’ve had good times

But remember this

Never forget where you’ve come here from”

Thanks, Warren, never a truer word spoken.

To finish, we’ll leave you with the words of another famous Welsh philosopher….

“Remember that every dead body on Everest was once a highly motivated individual. Effort can suck my nethers” – Aristotle.

Thundercats RFC Chairman:- Gary “Dog” Treen