John 'JD' Dillon

Thundercap #01

The original Thundercat founded the team after struggling to get ahead of Scott Mong in the Abbey 3’s in 2004. Turned out to be quite a very wise decision as the Thundercats is the highlight of many our rugby careers.

Paul 'Foz' Foster

Thundercap #10

One of the originals from 2004 has managed to rack up 6 appearances despite becoming one of Surrey’s elite businessmen. Great kicking game of the shin and has many a trick up his sleeve after games  

Gary 'Dog' Treen

Thundercap #11

No gas, no chin but an absolute whizz with numbers, should be handling the finances ahead of Finnie but think Australian from the colonies should do the work, doesn’t quite realise Wales is one the last remaining colonies of the Empire.

Ben 'Snake' Finnie

Thundercap #12

Finnie the muscle man, the enforcer from Newcastle, New South Wales Australia. Has managed to get his kids’ University fees just by organising the last 4 Thundercats comps. The fees paid don’t quite add up to the dodgy kit and the ‘cheap piss’ we endure.

Tom 'Millhouse' Waterhouse

thundercap #13

Rugby has been good to this man, entered Abbey rugby club straight out of Blazing Squad to discover a whole new way of living with fire extinguishers the odd 2p coin and a whole bag of pegs. Brings the only gas to have ever played for the cats but it’s far too infrequent for all our liking.

Dave 'DYOC' Anfield

Thundercap #19

Dave You Old ‘Character’ from Essex. Wants to be Welsh, and gets along with most of the Thundercats as they tend to support whoever is playing England. 

Mike Selby

Thundercap #22

Made his debut in Pakaranga on the Lions 2005 tour, older less sensible brother to Rob had a memorable last outing at Fat Blokes 2019. hoping to see him on some of the away days in the near future

Andrew 'Fugzie' Mutepfa

thundercap #30

The real talent in this outfit even if I say so myself. Since I’m writing this I’m hardly unlikely to say anything unflattering the image does that for me. 

Tom 'Stoner' Greeny

Thundercap #31

Very few appearances due to living true to his name. Green by name, green in living and we are not talking Extinction Rebellion here.

Matt 'Horse' Moorcroft

thundercap #32

Rather boring and dull if you are not fascinated with Bio-chemistry but as a team of highly intellectual individuals Horse becomes the life and soul of every gathering he attends with the Thundercats. A gentle giant with a penchant for moustaches and he odd eyebrow.

Oriol 'Manny' Rebull

Thundercap #35

The ‘rocker’ from Barcelona, quite the opposite of ‘Horse’ as he doesn’t say much likes to keep to himself and you hardly notice him in your company. Started playing rugby later in life and that is very obvious but he gets an A for effort, good at entertaining the referees.

Rob Selby

thundercap #37

The younger brother of Mike and probably the more sensible of the two. That is until he decides to run into Fugz’s head, has had a fair few stitches but made up for it in the bar

Steve 'Bench' Blance

Thundercap #41


Mark 'Cowhands' Hathaway

thundercap #42

Henry Williams

Thundercap #43


Jake Mollett

thundercap #44

Jim 'Carpets' Dye

Thundercap #45


'Little' Joe Hallett

thundercap #46

Nathan Tovey

Thundercap #47


Adam Penney

thundercap #48

Arun Gupta

Thundercap #49


Nic 'Tory Boy' Conner

thundercap #50

Steve Willis

thundercap #51

Arron 'Crowbar' Ross

Thundercap #52


Paul 'Available' Emery

thundercap #55

Sam Hallett

Thundercap #57